Recent Releases

10 February 2017 Charles Duhigg to Speak at ALDA’s Spring Meeting

In December 2012, our name changed from ALSSA to ALDA to encompass the fields of diagnostics. Documents dated prior to December 2012 will reference the association as ALSSA.

2017 Archive

10 February 2017Charles Duhigg to Speak at ALDA’s Spring Meeting

12 January 2017 Jim Collins to Speak at ALDA’s Fall Conference

11 January 2017 PerkinElmer’s Jim Corbett Joins ALDA Board

2016 Archive

13 December 2016 Larry Summers to Speak at ALDA Spring Meeting

12 December 2016 BD Life Sciences Joins ALDA

02 December 2016 David Agus and Watson Health to Speak at Spring Meeting

14 November 2016 Harvard’s Cynthia Friend to Speak at ALDA Dinner

04 October 2016 Ian Bremmer Updates Global Outlook at ALDA Conference

03 October 2016 Illumina’s Mark Stapley Elected to ALDA Board

08 September 2016 Moffitt’s Howard McLeod to Speak at ALDA Breakfast

19 August 2016 SomaLogic Joins ALDA

03 June 2016 Ian Bremmer to Speak at ALDA Fall Conference

03 June 2016 Geisinger’s Marc Williams to Speak at AACC Breakfast

11 May 2016 Requardt Offers Advice to MedTech CEOs on Key Changes

04 May 2016 Gillian Tett on Breaking Down Silos

03 May 2016 Craig Venter Highlights Spring Meeting

16 March 2016 Citi’s Aradhana Sarin Offers Life Science & Diagnostics Tools Outlook

09 March 2016 Rohit Khanna of Waters to Join ALDA Board

23 February 2016 Millennials are Key to Marketing in World of Social Media

12 February 2016 Spring Meeting to Examine Directed Evolution Technologies

29 January 2016 Juan Enriquez to Speak at 2016 Spring Meeting

2015 Archive

16 November 2015Craig Venter to Speak at 2016 Spring Meeting on “Directed Evolution” Outlook

23 October 2015 Cynthia Collins Joins ALDA Board

06 October 2015 Gary Hamel on Creating Organization Fit for the Future

05 October 2015 Danaher’s Rainer Blair Elected Chairman; Briar Alpert of BioTek Elected Vice Chair

05 October 2015 Mukherjee Assesses Cancer Progress and Challenges

15 July 2015 Gary Hamel to Speak at ALDA Fall Conference

08 June 2015 GE Healthcare’s Kieran Murphy Joins ALDA Board

08 June 2015 Siddhartha Mukherjee to Speak at ALDA Fall Conference

12 May 2015 ALDA’s Membership Grows to 105

05 May 2015 Agilent’s Patrick Kaltenbach Joins ALDA Board

30 January 2015 Ian Bremmer to Speak at ALDA Spring Meeting

05 January 2015 FIMM’s Olli Kallioniemi to Speak at ALDA Breakfast

2014 Archive

10 October 2014 Charles Mathews to Speak at ALDA Breakfast at AMP

30 September 2014 Brad Gray and Ian Ratcliffe Elected to ALDA Board

30 September 2014 Five Companies Join ALDA as Membership Rises to 95

05 August 2014 Fall Conference to Explore Applied Markets’ Prospects

05 August 2014 ALDA Adds Three New Members

30 July 2014 Cleveland Clinic’s Gary Procop Speaks at Breakfast

14 July 2014 Bio-Techne Joins ALDA

14 July 2014 Life is good’s Bert Jacobs to Speak at ALDA’s Fall CEO Meeting

08 May 2014 Slywotzky Offers Advice on “Winning Tomorrow”

24 February 2014 Spring Meeting to Assess Clinical and Dx Markets

24 February 2014 PerkinElmer’s DiVincenzo Joins ALDA Board

24 January 2014 Sloan-Kettering’s Djaballah Shares Cancer Drug Discovery Insights