ALDA sponsors an annual salary survey, as well as periodic surveys, such as the Marketing & Sales Benchmark Survey to help members benchmark their operations and improve business performance. As the sponsor, ALDA subsidizes member participation, but companies must participate in the surveys to receive final results.

Annual Salary Survey
Originally focused on customer-facing positions in sales, marketing, and service—areas in which industry-specific information is especially important—the survey was expanded in 2010 to add R&D, manufacturing, and administration. In 2012, the survey was further expanded to include global data by country. The 2019 survey now includes senior leadership roles.

This survey is conducted by Pearl Meyer and covers:

  • Base salaries
  • Incentive eligibility and pay
  • Bonus compensation for each position
  • Mix of base and incentive pay
  • Compensation practices
  • Salary administration
  • Professional and managerial total compensation
  • Data reported on a country-by-country basis

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Marketing & Sales Benchmark Survey
In 2012, ALDA released the results of a Marketing & Sales Benchmark Survey. Designed to help ALDA members better understand industry-specific expenditures for several types of marketing and sales programs, the survey provides data on 2011 spending and 2012 projected budgets for:

  • Advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Tradeshows
  • Seminars
  • Web activities
  • Market research
  • Brand management
  • Customer events
  • Social media

It also provides a snapshot of full-time employees, revenue, and operations expense budgets by geographical regions and for 10 categories of sales operations.

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